Working With Us

Working With Us

| July 16, 2019

There are times when it makes sense to hire a professional...
This is true if you are talking about a plumber, doctor, or even a retirement advisor. 

Our focus is to reduce your money worries and help you get where you want to go.  FFG's services do just that - from your own customized plan to professionally managed investment portfolios, we're here to help.

You Get What You Pay For

With some advisors, it isn't clear what you're paying for.  With FFG, you choose the service you need.
Our planning services and investment management each delivers its own value... and its own transparent pricing. 

With FFG, planning is a structured process to help you intentionally manage your financial goals, gaps, and major transitions in your life. We offer 2 comprehensive planning processes, each offering full access to your FFG Team while progressing through these planning steps:

Planning Services

Comprehensive Planning

1. The Finan-See-All™
Get Your Financial Junk Drawer Organized

This critical first step gives a complete picture of what you really have. We take the time to gather the details of your financial life and build your own comprehensive report.  You will now have a backup for the unexpected, and we can begin identifying the gaps in your plan.

2. The Focused Vision™
Understand Where You Are Now & Where You Want To Go

Let's explore what's important to you... Any worries about your money? Do you have any opportunities on the horizon? How will you (or do you) fill your time in retirement? We facilitate a conversation to better understand your life and rekindle your dreams.

3. The Real Time Regroup™
Crunch the Numbers

We will present in-depth analysis and retirement projections (that you actually understand) using FFG's proprietary software and tools.  Recommendations developed by your entire planning team are presented, then refined with your input.

4. The Actionator™
Implement Change

Together we will finalize and prioritize your personal action list. Our job is not done until every one of your action items is complete.  You will gain accountability (if you want it) as your planning team monitors the Actionator and checks in on your progress.

5. The Gameplan Refresh™
Monitor and Make Adjustments As Life Happens

For Secure Future Experience™ clients, FFG will proactively meet with you to update your plan. We're always available to help you overcome any roadblocks or be there to celebrate achievements!  Keep the momentum by renewing your excitement about your goals and retirement.

Investment Management

SLIM Methodology

Our investment management is designed to deliver the outcomes you need to achieve your goals. We believe that consistent returns do not come by chasing fads or gut feelings, instead it comes from a consistent repeatable process. The Secure Lifetime Investment Model (SLIM™) was built with that in mind. SLIM uses the following 5 "buckets", each with its own investment objective and time frame.

1. Paycheck Bucket
Short-Term Investments needed within 5 years

Reliable cash to provide for normal living and retirement visionary expenses.

2. On Deck Bucket
Near-Term Investments needed within 10 years

Better investment return than cash, yet still positioned out of the stock market. 

3. Backup Bucket
Long-Term Investments needed after 10 years

Invested in the stock market, but with some protection by using contractual guarantees.

4. Tactical Growth Bucket
Long-Term Investments needed after 10 years

Invested in the stock market and actively looking for opportunities in up and down markets. 

5. Strategic Growth Bucket
Long-Term Investments needed after 10 years

Invested in the stock market by using a dividend focused/diversified portfolio allocation.

Fee Schedule

We value transparency! In that vein, click here to see our fee schedule for SLIM™ Managed Portfolios and a calculator to see how much your management fees would be. 

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About FFG Retirement Counseling

FFG Retirement Counseling is an independent financial services firm that offers comprehensive planning programs and customized investment management. They are dedicated to providing a superior client experience to each and every client. The team at FFG makes this a reality by consistently putting their clients’ interests ahead of their own, making the complex easy to understand, and using a team approach to offer their clients multiple unique perspectives, all a commitment to transparency and open, honest communication. Their proprietary tools, processes, and comprehensive suite of services help their clients successfully navigate the years before, during, and after their transition into retirement. To learn more about FFG Retirement Counseling, connect with them on LinkedIn or visit their website

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