What Does Retirement Mean To You?

What Does Retirement Mean To You?

| October 09, 2019

The closer you get to retirement, the more it probably weighs on your mind. You may find yourself constantly wondering, “Have I saved enough?” or “When should I claim Social Security?” Since your retirement checklist seems a mile long, it’s easy to forget about what happens when you actually cross the retirement finish line. 

You may have made a plan for your money, but have you made a plan for your day-to-day life? If you’re like some, you may want to spend your days on a golf course, dote on your grandchildren more, or travel to your heart’s content. Others of you may cringe at the thought of carefree days and no schedule. That’s why you need to take the time to create your definition of retirement. Here are some ideas for how to fill your time once your job demands aren’t dictating your choices. 

Work Your Dream Job

We’re not talking about the kind of job that most young college graduates dream of, full of power, money, and influence. We’re talking about that job that makes your heart race when you think about it, a job you’ve always wanted to pursue but didn’t think could pay the bills. 

This kind of dream job could be opening a bed and breakfast, becoming a park ranger, hosting a class in a craft store, or starting a small business. When you are financially independent in retirement, low pay doesn’t have to keep you from taking on a job that you love.

Give Of Your Time

Not everything worth doing generates a paycheck, but that doesn’t matter once you’re retired. Instead of spending long hours doing crossword puzzles, you may find more enjoyment in getting out and giving to your community. 

Whether you volunteer by reading to children at your neighborhood elementary school, caring for animals at the local humane society, mentoring young adults coming out of the foster care system, or serving in your family’s church, the opportunities to volunteer are practically endless. 

Make Family A Priority

If you ever felt guilty about spending long hours at work instead of with your family, now is the time to make that right. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to invest your time into the younger generations of your family. Be intentional about using this time to get to know your loved ones even better and to create some special memories they will cherish long after you are gone.

Do you have grandchildren in daycare or after-school care programs? Do you think they would be better off with a grandparent than a stranger? Now you can make that happen! Even if it is only one day a week, your grandchildren will be forever impacted by the time you spend pouring into their young lives.

Pursue Education

Did you ever dream of finishing that degree you started or going to law school? This is your chance to do just that. You have room in your schedule and you won’t even have to pay as much as you would have when you were younger. Many states, including Texas, offer free or reduced higher-education tuition for seniors.

Also, studies have shown that the more you work your brain as you age, the longer it lasts. Cognitively active seniors with an average age of 80 are 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or dementia than those with less cognitive activity. (1) That’s another great reason to go back to school!

Experience Entrepreneurship

There is a strong correlation between age and successful entrepreneurship, and the numbers are in your favor. (2) Middle-age and older entrepreneurs experience much higher success rates than the younger ones. I guess your hard-earned life experience really does count for something! So, instead of seeing retirement as the end of your working life, it can actually be a rebirth—one where you call the shots.

Are You Ready For Your Ideal Retirement? 

As retirement transition specialists, we at FFG Retirement Counseling understand that your retirement dreams look different from those around you. We have spent years helping people feel equipped and empowered with our transparent, value-packed advice so they can take control of their financial life and we’d love the chance to help you not only take care of the practicalities of retirement, but also strategize a way for you to experience the retirement you dream of. Schedule your free, no-obligation introductory meeting to learn more about our services!

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