What does a financial plan look like?

What does a financial plan look like?

| January 07, 2021

With a world of information at our fingertips, we can find reviews, history, product specifications, and more details than we’ll ever need about anything we want to buy. In other words, before making a major purchase, we can arm ourselves with information to make the best choice possible. 

While creating a financial plan is in a different category than buying a car or putting an offer on a home, we believe it’s just as significant of an investment and that you should know what you’re getting before you pay a penny. 

Because we develop custom financial plans for each client, it’s no easy task to provide one without working extensively with you. However, we wanted to create something that could help you better understand what your potential financial plan could look like so you can see the benefits a plan could bring to your financial life. If you choose to work with us, here is a sample of what you can expect: 

What Does A Financial Plan Include?

First, you may be wondering about what goes into a comprehensive plan. Financial plans often address a myriad of concerns and goals, from college planning to retirement income strategizing. Depending on your needs, your plan may narrow in on one overarching element or address multiple goals you’d like to achieve over time. Whatever you choose to focus on, your financial plan is designed to serve as your road map, helping you navigate the years before, during, and after your transition to retirement.

We believe a good financial plan should give you a detailed, complete view of your current financial situation, a thorough modeling of where you want to be, and the actions you need to take to reach those goals. It should address all the pieces of your financial puzzle, from stresses and fears to your values and dreams, and include risk factors, cash flow, retirement, estate planning, taxes, education, and income strategies to help bring you clarity and guidance. It is through our planning process that we can help you prepare for life’s expected and unexpected circumstances.

The result is a simple yet powerful road map to guide you toward financial freedom. 

A Sample Plan

After being disappointed with the cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box tools available in the financial advice industry, we decided to develop our own proprietary solutions. The financial tools and processes we use are completely unique to FFG and completely customized for you. Here’s a snapshot of a sample financial plan, broken down into three sections. 

Step 1: Let’s Get Organized

The first step is for us to build your Finan-See-All™, a comprehensive summary of all your finances, including insurance policies, assets, liabilities, investments, and legalities like your will, trusts, and powers of attorney.

This part of your financial plan also includes a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses. 

Once complete, the Finan-See-All™ provides a big-picture overview of your financial life, which helps you to understand what you really have and allows us to analyze what needs to be done to make your financial goals a reality.

Step 2: Crunch The Numbers

Based on what we gleaned from Step 1, we run in-depth analysis and retirement projections.  Our powerful yet easy-to-understand proprietary software will give us a clear picture of the gap between where you are now and your ideal retirement. With this valuable information, we can recommend ways to better align your investments with your vision of retirement. We’ll discuss and agree upon all assumptions in our calculations including taxes, inflation, and growth estimates.

Step 3: Take Action

Finally, we take the plunge into The Actionator™, a customized action list that helps implement your tailored plan. Arguably the most important step, this is where the rubber hits the road. You will gain accountability (if you want it) as your planning team monitors The Actionator™ and checks in on your progress. As your life and goals continue to evolve, our system helps you adjust your plans so you stay on track. 

Get Started On Your Plan!

Keep in mind that these are only hypothetical takeaways of what a client’s plan may resemble should they work with us. The characters and circumstances are completely fictional and are for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to seek the advice of a qualified professional for your particular situation and not rely upon any of the information herein to make personal financial decisions. 

If you would like to see the full detail of a sample plan, click on the following links:


SLIM Baseline™

The Actionator™ 

Once you’ve had a chance to take a look, contact us today by scheduling a free no-obligation introductory meeting, calling us at (303) 327-8100, or emailing service@ffgusa.net with any questions. 


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