Our Thoughts on a Crazy Year

Our Thoughts on a Crazy Year

| December 23, 2020

              As we close the book on a hard and tumultuous year it is important to reflect. We learned a lot about ourselves this year. We learned what is most important, and what we sometimes can take for granted. Not the least of what we often overlook is the importance of security; when things are good it is easy to believe they will always be good. This year showed us the privilege of security. 


              There is a lot to look forward to in 2021. With the creation of multiple vaccines, it appears we will experience a slow return to the normalcy so sorely missed. Hopefully this will bring with it family gatherings, trips to our favorite restaurants, and the social interactions we spent 2020 craving. Our hope is growing as we enter this new year, but let’s bring with us the lessons of our hardships. Let’s remember as times get better that security and certainty are never a guarantee.    


              This is the reason we are so passionate about planning at FFG. It is easy to despair in the face of uncertainty, but with proper preparation the challenges we face can be overcome. Our process means that in good times we invest a bit in lower risk assets or save a bit of what we spend. We take these precautions so that in years like this we can rest a little easier and live a little better. Until now all this was theory, but this year made it a reality.   


              These principles of readiness aren’t just applicable to personal finance. We can prepare for hard times by showing love and gratitude to those we care about, by being purposeful in how we live our lives, and by making good decisions about our health and life from day to day. 2020 has taught us a lot, and if we learn from our experiences we will be stronger for them.


              As we set our sights on a new year filled with hope, let’s hold these lessons close. 2021 will bring with it its own unique challenges, and at FFG we are excited to face those challenges with you and use our expertise to give you the tools to overcome them. We appreciate our clients, and we appreciate that you have chosen to journey into 2021 with us. Happy Holidays to you, and a Happy New Year.